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West Chelan

upcoming litter(s)
Silkridge Just Joey, Silkridge Whippets, Joey Whippet, Show Whippet, Champion Whippet, English Whippet, English Whippet Champion
West Chelan Quick Look At Me, Whippet Posh, Champion Whippet, Crufts BOB, Crufts Best of Breed, Champion Whippet, Ideal Whippet
Joey              x             Posh
Whippet, Silkridge Just Joey, Champion Whippet, English Whippet, Whippet, Show Whippet, Luke Johnson
whelped april 29 2023
2 dogs  &  3 bitches

Posh, West Chelan Quick Look At Me, Whippet, Show Whippet, Champion Whippet, Crufts Best of Breed
Ranveli Diki Diki, Ranveli Whippets, Rob Wheeler, Scott whippet, Whippet, Champion Whippet, Youngest Champion Whippet, English Whippet
West Chelan Tjeckpoint Tjarlie, Dog named Tits, Whippet, Brindle Whippet, Red Brindle, Show Whippet
Scott             x               Tits
whelped may 5 2023
6 dogs   &   3 bitches
West Chelan Tjeckpoint Tjarlie, Whippet, Show Whippet, Dog named Tits, Brindle Whippet
Ranveli Diki Diki, Scott the Whippet, Whippet Champion, English Whippet, Ranveli Whippets, Whippet Puppies, Whippet puppy

Are you interested in adding a Whippet to your home? 

If you are looking for a Whippet, feel free to contact us for more information. We are currently accepting inquiries for pet homes for our upcoming litters. 
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