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West Chelan



Chanel is the daughter of Sobresalto Ndringhete Ndra "Nenne" and Sobresalto Haut Les Mains "Lupin". She is Bred by Annalisa Rovani and Arnaldo Cotugno of Sobresalto in Napoli, Italy. Chanel was given to me in the summer of 2014 and she changed my life. She is my "heart dog" even sporting a heart shaped pattern on her neck. Without her, I wouldn't be where I am today with whippets. She is a wonderful companion and my best friend. Chanel won Junior Best In Show at the Sighthound Specialty in Padenghe, Italy in 2015, Junior Best in Show in Italy as well and many other special placements in her career. She is currently Junior Italian Champion and Italian Champion. 

Posh is the stunning daughter of Sobresalto Yo Mammeta E Tu "Chanel" and Crème Anglaise's Panna Cotta "Bono". She is bred by Shelby Mowbray of West Chelan in Mons, Belgium. Posh was born into my hands in the very early hours of May 31, 2017. With her first breath, she took my mine away. She was beautiful from the start. Posh was the second puppy born, behind her brother West Chelan Quzco's New Groove. From then, she hasn't stopped impressing us. Her name "Quick Look At Me" is a tribute to her stunning grandmother Crème Anglaise's Hello Look At Me "Meis" who is a stunning whippet bitch. Posh is living up to her name, and following in her grandparents footsteps. In 2018, Posh qualified in the UK on her first try for Crufts. At her debut in 9-12 Puppy Class at Crufts 2018, she was 1st place, Best Puppy Bitch and Best of Breed Puppy. The following year (2019) Posh outdid herself once more at Crufts, winning 1st in Yearling Bitch, CC, Best of Breed and Group 2nd. 

Gigi is the daughter of our Posh (Ch. West Chelan Quick Look At Me) sired by Pan ( Ch. Jesrae Game Of Thrones). She is a super happy girl who loves life and making us laugh. Her favorite thing ever is fetch, and will regularly throw her favorite ball at your feet to throw for her. She also loves to swim! We have not yet shown Gigi due to covid and moving country, but she will start her career Spring 2022. 

Boyfriend is the very flashy son of Sobresalto Yo Mammeta E Tu "Chanel" and Crème Anglaise's Panna Cotta "Bono". In a sea of brindle puppies, Boyfriend was the only particolor in the litter. Also born into my hands, he was the last one born and a surprise to me, as I didn't expect after 8 brindle puppies that I would get a particolor like his mother, Chanel. To my greatest joy, he grew up to be the male I'd choose to keep out of the four that were born. Boyfriend has a fantastic happy go-lucky character and is always happy to meet new people. 

Winter is the smooth daughter of Sobresalto Standing Ovation "Alice" and Yohji Yamamoto "Yogi" Bred by Giovanni Liguori in Bari, Italy. She is a lovely to live with girl who is very affectionate and gentle. Winter is a pleasure to bring anywhere, and wins the hearts of everyone she meets. Her favorite activities are running as fast as she can, sleeping on the sofa with my husband Renn, or being the nanny to the puppies.